Natural Curtain Company

Leading Curtain Co., Ltd., since 1995, head office and factory located from middle Taiwan, is the leading curtain OEM.ODM manufactuer and exporter, we specialize in manufacturing all kinds of high standard quality finished curtains and cloth, paper, linen woven fabric, Roman curtain, Bead-chain curtain, blinds, vertical blinds and a variety of finished curtains or PP woven cloth. Materials Leading uses mainly are natural, such as, paper woven cloth and linen woven.


Currently our main markets are Japan, USA and Australia, your further inquiry or comment is welcome and appreicated.

Leading natural curtain company spirits based on Integrity management, Quality first, Customer first. Our business philosophy are integrity of developing, reputation and existing in the market by quality and capacity, we continuously make efforts in pursuit of innovation and meeting customers needs.

Leading meal mats and tote bags, our new developing in recent years, are ones of the best-selling products to domestic major well-known superstores, the quality and sensory satisfy domestic consumers.